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The Leader in Casper for Blood Testing Since 1980

Doctor’s Order Included

You do not need an order or a prescription from your doctor. All our tests include everything you need to have the test performed. After ordering, simply bring the requisition form to a LabCorp location close to you. Present that form and they will collect the proper specimen for your tests. There is no additional payment to LabCorp. We receive the results and send them directly to you (usually in 1-2 days).

Confidential Laboratory Blood Testing

At Health Testing Centers we make blood testing in Casper as discreet and convenient as possible. All test results are confidential and are not part of your medical record unless you choose to share them with your doctor.

Fast Results

After having the sample taken at the lab, your easy to understand blood test results will be delivered securely to you in one to two days (some test results may take slightly longer.)

Save 70% or More

Most of our patients either don’t have health insurance or don’t want to use their health insurance to pay for testing. Our focus is out of pocket paying patients. Because we’ve been offering lab testing direct to patients since 1980 and at high volume, we have great prices from the lab. We pass that savings onto our patients. Typically, our prices will be 70% less than paying the lab directly.

Order Any Lab Test (No Restrictions)

Often health insurance companies, or even your doctor, will limit the number of blood tests ordered to diagnose a particular symptom or ailment. At Health Testing Centers you are in control. Order any test you choose.

Money Back Guarantee

Health Testing Centers have been providing laboratory blood testing in Casper for 30 years. To make the decision easy and stress free as possible we offer the assurance of a Money Back Guarantee on all Casper laboratory blood tests.

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Health Facts in Casper

Oriented in the state of Wyoming, the township of Casper has 54,837 individuals. Altogether, the state of Wyoming has 564,188 people. Of this total state population, 9.7% of the residents reside in Casper. The city saw 7 deaths from liver disease over one year and 7 deaths from kidney disease. Calculated together, the area had 95 total deaths from cancer. Over the course of the year, 20 people died from a stroke. There were also 14 deaths from prostate cancer alone. Statistically, this means that every cancer death had a 15.1% chance of being caused by prostate cancer. There were 54 deaths from coronary heart disease. An additional 10 residents died from diabetes during the same time span. A resident of the city has a 0.10% of dying from coronary heart disease annually. They also have a 0.17% possibility of dying from some form of cancer.

Community Health Data: Casper, WY
City Casper
State Wyoming
City Population                       54,837
State Population                     564,188
Percentage of State Population 9.72%
Number of Deaths By Disease:
Liver Disease 7
Kidney Disease 7
Prostate Cancer 14
Stroke 20
All Cancers 95
Coronary Heart Disease 54
Diabetes 10
Total Deaths 207

Sources include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Vital Statistics, National Vital Statistics Report Volume 61. Estimates are based on 2010 US Census data extrapolated to the population.

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Laboratory Blood Tests Casper WY Health Testing Centers
Health Testing Centers
2115 E 12Th St
Casper, WY 82601
(307) 224-4024
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